Boys' GHA outdoor competitions for schools 2018-2019

Age Group Tier Date Details
Under 11 N/A - Dean Close Prep, Cheltenham College Prep and Richard Pates entered the competition and played a round robin. Cheltenham College Prep finished in first place and Dean Close Prep in second. They both progress to the regional competition taking place on 26th March at Millfield.
Under 12 N/A 1st March 2019 Dean Close Prep is the only entrant. They will proceed to the regional competition as Gloucestershire's sole representative.
Under 13 Tiers 1 and 2 1st March 2019
Under 14 Tier 1 - Dean Close and Cheltenham College are the only entrants. They will play each other to determine the seedings in the regional competition which will take place on 14th March at Millfield.
Under 14 Tier 2 4th February 2019 (postponed from 28th January)
Under 16 Tier 3 - No entries.
Under 18 Tier 4 17th January 2019